Archaeological Sites

Thanks to the many cultures that have inhabited the island in the past centuries, Sicily has many archaeological sites. Listed below are the top Sicilian Archaeological sites you can visit.

Ancient Theatre of Taormina

Location: Taormina Google maps

An ancient Greek theatre built in the third century BC, it is the second largest ancient theatre in Sicily after the Greek Theatre of Syracuse

Selinunte Archaeological Park

Location: Castelvetrano – Google maps

Remains of the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, it is the biggest archaeological site in Europe with an area of 270 hectares.


Location: Santa Flavia Google maps

Partially excavated remains of the Hellenistic Roman town of Solunto


Remains of the ancient Greek city of Segesta with well preserved temple and theatre.


Location: Patti Google maps

The monumental ruins of the ancient city of Tyndaris, the park includes a theatre, a propylaeum and several other edifices of Roman times.

Neapolis Archaeological Park

Hosts the most important ruins of the old Greek Roman city of Syracuse. It contains both Greek and Roman architecture lying side by side

Monte Jato (Iaitas)

Location: San CipirelloGoogle maps

Archaeological park with the remains of the ancient city of Iaitas.

Himera Park

Location: Termini Imerese – Google maps

The necropolis with its 12,000 tombs is one of the biggest of the Magna Graecie 

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