In this section we will list all the Palaces, City Gates, Town Squares, Fountains, Towers and all other Architecture sites you can visit in Sicily excludind Castles, Churches and Coastal Towers which we list in their respective dedicated pages.

Palazzo Chiaramonte

Location: Palermo  Google maps

Also called Palazzo Steri it was built between 1307 and 1320 for one of the most powerful families in Sicily, the Chiaramonte.

Norman Palace

Location: Palermo  Google maps

Part of Arab-Norman Palermo UNESCO World Heritage site, it is the oldest royal residence in Europe.

Palazzo Mirto

Location: Palermo  Google maps

One of the oldest and most luxurious palace in Palermo, it is a rare example of a private residence that has survived, almost unchanged, over centuries.

Antoine Pitrou [FAL or FAL]

Palazzo Biscari

Location: Catania Google maps

The most important private palace in Catania, it was completed in 1763 and has more than 700 rooms in rococo style. A precious testimony of the Sicilian baroque era.

Nicolaci Palace

Location: Noto Google maps

Built in 1737 it is one of the greatest expressions of Sicilian baroque. The building has about 90 rooms and it now houses a library and other cultural institutions of Noto.

Palazzo Florio

Location: Favignana Google maps

Built in 1874 by the powerful Florio family it has a neo-Gothic style in the external structure and liberty in the internal furnishings

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